Flowers for Cynthia

Friday, March 30, 2007

Even more choices

Well, maybe if we were in the Southwest... But the concept is valid.

Very perfumed arrangement (and couldn't be easier).

Tiny arrangements that could be tucked here and there, if need be.

White centerpieces

These are some white centerpieces that caught our eyes:

These white anthuriums look especially good in a dark vase.

The white rose against the kale leaf plays on several contrasts: color is one, the silkiness of the petal and the roughness of the leaf, the flower versus vegetable...

Because Cynthia loves candles, this could be a great, elegant, stylized choice.

Centerpiece possibilities

This is a collection of photos we liked. For the dinner tables, here are some suggestions:

This fishbowl is, once again, the world's easiest centerpiece.

I know how you feel about grapes. However, if you must appease someone, this may be a non-offensive choice.

Easy and simple arrangement. Gerberas come in a huge array of colors.

The tricky part would be to find a wire support like the one in the photo. Do we know any welders?


At the foot of the stairs we need to have two urns.

To continue with the theme of simple but stunning, I suggested cyclamens. The bright flowers against the dark leaves will look beautiful.


We will need 4 arrangements for the bathrooms. Here are a few ideas, chosen because they look good and smell good.

Square clear containers with cut limes and roses, as in page 107 of Wedding Flowers (Paula Pryke). Feathers optional, but the basic idea is there.

Floating candles and petals, pages 66-67 of Creating Your Perfect Wedding: Stylish Ideas And Step-by-step Projects for a Beautiful Wedding (Lucinda Ganderton). These must be the world's simplest arrangements, but they fit the bill.

TWO Rosemary candles as in page 107 of Wedding Flowers (Paula Pryke)


We need two arrangements:

The Orange wreath is in page 137 of Wedding Flowers (Paula Pryke)

The tall clear vase with limes is in page 41 of Wedding Flowers (Paula Pryke)

Other tall arrangements:


Find martini glass or similar. The shape of the glass would determine the flower to use. This example is in pg 147 of Wedding Flowers Made Simple: Over 80 Glorious Designs for That Special Day (Stephen Roberts)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Plan


Find martini glass or similar. The shape of the glass would determine the flower to use.

BAR (2)

Orange wreath
Tall clear vase with limes


Square clear containers with cut limes and roses
Floating candles and petals
TWO Rosemary candles

Still to decide:

Urns (2)
Coffee table (1)
Cake table (1)
Centerpieces! (8)

Here we go!!!

How exciting not only to help with Cynthia's wedding flowers, but to do it using this superhip tool, the BLOG. If you thought this was just for political ranting, you are wrong!

Cynthia is getting married on June 1. In what I consider a smart move, she refuses to pay thousands of $$$ on a dozen centerpieces. That money is better saved for future vacations, kitchen remodelings, Botox treatments, and other basic necessities.

We have a game plan. I want to use this blog as a spot where we can gather all of our photos and ideas.